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IWC Schaffhausen


The Aviation Series

Two years of preparation for four months. That’s how long it took to plan the “Silver Spitfire - The Longest Flight” expedition and how long it will take the classic airplane to make its round-the-world trip. Supported by IWC, the Silver Spitfire will do something a plane of its kind has never attempted before: circumnavigate the globe. The Journal visited the Silver Spitfire crew - Matt Jones, Steve Brooks, Gerry Jones and Lachlan Monro - at their Boultbee Flight Academy headquarters to learn more about the project. The Spitfire Series is the result. Watch the six episodes below and follow the journey in August 2019.

The longest flight


The inspiration of “The Longest Flight” is equalled by its challenges. Lachlan Monro’s role is to focus on the former, while taking on the latter. In our final episode of the Aviation Series, Lachlan shares how all of the expedition’s moving parts come together. 


The history of the project


“The Longest Flight” expedition joins two names synonymous with innovative technical design and perfection: the Spitfire and IWC. Pilot Steve Brooks discusses the collaboration and tells us why it’s a match made for the skies.


The technician


The elliptical wing shape and - of course - the engine, which sends flames from the exhaust when started - are features the Spitfire is best known for. Chief Engineer Gerry Jones explains the Spitfire’s engineering history from a “hands on” perspective.


The pilot


Matt Jones made his childhood dream of becoming a pilot reality. Now he’s going beyond what his teen self could have imagined: flying a classic Spitfire around the world. In the second episode of The Aviation Series, Matt describes his path to the Silver Spitfire cockpit and what flying such an aircraft means.


Introducing the Spitfire


It’s called “utter perfection” and the “Everest of flying”. When the legendary Spitfire takes to the skies, it carries with it a storied history of freedom and classic design. Pilots Steve Boultbee Brooks and Matt Jones honor this history by taking a restored Spitfire on a round-the-world journey, calling the expedition “Silver Spitfire – The Longest Flight”, and IWC is joining them for the ride. In the first episode of “The Aviation Series”, learn more about the project and the beloved Spitfire.


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