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New York City

A guide to life in the city that never sleeps


People travel to New York City from all parts of the world, and to them, no city is a greater symbol of opportunity. A city of 8 million people and almost as many retail outlets, restaurants and sight-seeing destinations, there is no shortage of things to do, nor people to meet. For the IWC traveler, who travels not for leisure and pampering – but mostly for unique experiences and opportunities, there are few destinations as perfect.

This month, IWC returns to its American roots with a banner Flagship Boutique on New York’s Madison Avenue. The largest IWC Boutique in the world, the new location spans 3,000 square feet, and houses all IWC Collections under one iconic roof. In honor of this grand opening, we wanted to share with you a few insider insights into the city that never sleeps. In this town, anything can happen, and it can happen to anyone, at anytime. We look forward to welcoming you at IWC Schaffhausen on 535 Madison Avenue.

NYC Globetrotter Articles

  1. Carmelo Anthony
    Lifestyle | NYC

    Carmelo Anthony

    Brooklyn native Carmelo Anthony, better known as “Melo” to his friends and family, is a 6-time NBA All-Star and NCAA Champion. Beginning his NBA career with the Denver Nuggets, Melo returned to his hometown to join the legendary New York Knicks.


  2. Lifestyle | NYC

    Dan Rubinstein

    Dan Rubinstein is the Editor-in-Chief of Surface, a bi-monthly international design magazine. He is also a freelance consultant and curator.


  3. Lifestyle | NYC

    Josh Spear

    When Josh isn't collecting passport stamps he is being sought out for his fresh perspective and no-holds-barred style of consulting on everything from design and gadgets to digital strategy and global trends.


  4. Lifestyle | NYC

    Craig Kanarick

    Craig Kanarick is a entrepreneur, designer and artist living in Manhattan. His latest company, New York Mouth, is an online store for indie food – small-batch, artisanal and handcrafted products from small independent producers in and around the New York Area.


  5. Lifestyle | NYC

    Evan Orensten

    Evan Orensten is the Executive Editor and Co-Founder of Cool Hunting, a digital publication that reports on innovation and creativity. He's also the Managing Partner of Largetail, a digital advertising network and services firm.


  6. Lifestyle | NYC

    Ben Clymer

    “I often wonder what my life would’ve been like had I not moved to New York after college. I consider New York a partner in my business – without which I would not be where I am today (wherever that is – I think it’s a good place).”


  7. Lifestyle | NYC

    Kevin P. Ryan

    Kevin P. Ryan is the Founder and CEO of Gilt Groupe, an innovative e-commerce company offering highly coveted products and experiences at insider prices.


  8. Lifestyle | NYC

    Neil Blumenthal

    Neil loves helping people see. He and three friends launched Warby Parker, a transformative eyewear brand sold through for a fraction of the price of comparable quality glasses.


  9. Lifestyle | NYC

    Jeff Staple

    With his hands in just about everything, Jeff Ng aka Jeff Staple has masterfully created an entire world of communicating through design.


  10. Lifestyle | NYC

    Noreen MacDonald

    Noreen MacDonald, A.J.P. Flagship Manager of IWC New York, has enjoyed an exciting journey in the land of timepieces and fine jewelry. Having started out her jewelry career at Harry Winston, she has worked in many aspects of luxury retail on both Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue with such brands as Tiffany & Co./Patek Philippe, DiModolo Milano and Trade Show Network.


  11. Lifestyle | NYC

    Michael Williams

    People say that after ten years of living in the city, you can legitimately call yourself a real New Yorker. Well, I’ve been here for eleven years, and while I’ve put in the time, I don’t think I’ve quite earned the badge just yet. New York is an incredibly vibrant and diverse place, but it is also a city that takes some time to get to know.