Help Protect the Galapagos Islands


We are pleased to present the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) membership programme. Never previously made available to the public, this exclusive programme offers you a unique opportunity to experience the Galapagos Islands, and to witness the expertise of the archipelago’s leading scientific organization for yourself.

The Charles Darwin Foundation has worked tirelessly since 1959 to protect this UNESCO World Heritage Site. As an official adviser to the Government of Ecuador, its work directly impacts decision-making on the archipelago. The Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz is the operating arm of the Charles Darwin Foundation and a place where local and international staff members conduct scientific research to combat threats to the Islands’ unique biodiversity. Throughout its history, the organization has relied on private funding.

Galapagos Islands

Membership Programmes


It is now possible to get behind-the-scenes access that previously only scientific staff members enjoyed. By pledging USD 1,000 to the Charles Darwin Foundation, you can join the exclusive circle of benefactors and stay in touch with front-line developments. You will receive the following:

  • A benefactor certificate and an e-mail from the Charles Darwin Foundation’s CEO
  • The same mailings as are sent to the CDF’s General Assembly as well as the CDF and IWC newsletter
  • The chance to have a meeting with the CDF’s CEO or Science Director and a VIP tour of the Charles Darwin Research Station if you travel to the Galapagos
  • Travel advice to ensure your trip to the Galapagos is a life-changing event
  • Exclusive content direct from CDF scientists
  • “Preserving Darwin’s Legacy” by Tui De Roy, signed by CDF staff
  • An invitation to the annual General Assembly and your name listed in the Annual Report as well as on the websites of the CDF and IWC

Become a benefactor


An alternative way of helping to preserve the Galapagos Islands and keeping up to date with developments is to become a supporter of the Charles Darwin Foundation. The supporter fee is USD 200 and you will receive the following:

  • A supporter certificate and an e-mail from the Charles Darwin Foundation’s CEO
  • Exclusive content direct from CDF scientists
  • The CDF and the IWC newsletter and your name listed on the websites of the CDF and IWC
  • An invitation for a tour of the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz, with our visitor services staff if you travel to the Galapagos

Become a supporter

Adopt a species

If you wish to make a direct contribution to preserving the archipelago’s unique fauna, you may prefer to symbolically adopt one of the following endangered species – a positive step towards protecting these majestic animals.

  • Galapagos penguin
  • Marine iguana
  • Giant tortoise
  • East Pacific green turtle
  • Scalloped hammerhead shark
  • Spotted eagle ray

By adopting a species for USD 20, you will receive individual adoption certificates which provide background information about your chosen species. You will also be added to the CDF and IWC newsletter.

Adopt a species

All payments are processed online through CDF’s partner charity in the United States, the International Community Foundation (ICF). IWC Schaffhausen is not involved in the payment procedure and has no access to the information exchange between the paying agency and CDF. For further information about the membership program or registration conditions, please email:


Travel with CDF

A trip to the Galapagos Islands can be a life-changing experience. As the archipelago’s leading research organization, the Charles Darwin Foundation is proud to offer you exclusive travel opportunities. Further details on request at:

Be a volunteer at CDF

Working on the Galapagos Islands is a rewarding experience. As the Islands’ leading research body, the CDF is proud to provide the unique opportunity of a volunteer placement in the CEO’s office. Click on the link above for further details or contact: