IWC Schaffhausen – Pioneers of Luxury Watches


IWC has been at the forefront of watch innovation for over 150 years, consistently crafting the ultimate timepieces. Singular chronographs born from long-heralded expertise to serve a far-reaching clientele: Pilots, racers, divers, sailors, day-trippers, stargazers, timekeepers, engineers. Icons of generations past and present. Schaffhausen chronometers continue to redefine the standards of Swiss Luxury Watches. Each model presents an unparalleled mechanical finesse in which intricate design balances expectations of grandeur. Explore our handpicked selections to discover your perfect timepiece or use our store finder to locate a retailer near you.

Masterful Mechanisms

Over 150 years of precision engineering experience has resulted in a world-beating Mechanical Watch collection. Iconic chronometers with innovative internal systems that stem from the imagination of IWC’s founding father: F.A. Jones. Coupling bimetal balances with manually-engineered balance springs, Jones achieved what no other at the time had – exact timekeeping within a wonderfully elegant device. IWC continues to push boundaries with progressive designs – such as that of the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar – that complement the sophisticated mechanisms that whir within. These are ageless masterpieces that will doubtlessly stand the test of time. Uncover the expert engineering of IWC’s Mechanical Watches



The Advent of Automation

Forerunners of automated technology, IWC launched its first automatic winding mechanism in 1950, utilising the acclaimed Pellaton system – named after its namesake creator – for decades. Inertia and gravity combined to allow the watch to run in perpetuity as even the slightest rocking motion would coil the mainspring; no manual winding required. This ingenious solution remained mostly unadulterated for upwards of 60 years until the 52000 Chronograph. An overhaul that resulted in a more efficient double-pawl mechanism that boasts even fewer parts. To sustain the lifespan of the watch in the midst of such extended exertion the components comprise of a near wear-free ceramic. Thus, presenting timepieces with durability akin to that of a space station. Set yourself in perpetual motion amidst our full collection of Automatic Watches.


The Sky’s the Limit

The iconic aviator watch has been a steadfast presence since IWC’s earliest beginnings, the idea first conceived in 1936 by then-owner Ernst Jakob Homberger. Gifted to his two sons who had recently qualified as pilots, this had to be a hardy, shock-resistant, anti-magnetic navigation device that could withstand the toils of the cockpit: Excessive vibration, extreme temperatures and magnetic interference. The result is a precise chronometer that is the envy of all aviator watches – the benchmark by which contemporary timepieces measure themselves. Take to the skies with our selection of Aviator Watches.



Designs for the High Seas

The most recognisable sailing watches encapsulate both refined modishness and steadfast reliability in equal measures; as exemplified by the Portugieser Yacht Club Chronograph. Its story harks back to the 1930’s when two Portuguese merchants asked IWC to manufacture a wristwatch with marine chronometer precision. In 2010, IWC combined the Portugieser Watch with the legendary IWC Yacht Club timepiece of 1967. The result was the perfect match for today’s sailing watch demands. The Portugieser Yacht Club combined classical design with sporting flourishes to match the torrid requirements of sailing and yachting-related activities. Navigate the full story of Sailing Watches


To Life on the Tarmac

In 1955, scientists and engineers alike requested the development of a timepiece that matched the rigours of their esoteric lives. Step forward IWC, and the inaugural Ingenieur. Such precision, imagination and elegance of design resulted in a second engineering heartland adopting this fabled timepiece, as motorsport enthusiasts relished the innovation. At its apogee, the Ingenieur was one-of-a-kind. The first wristwatch to withstand extreme magnetic fields of up to 50,000 A/m, it prevails in the modern world thanks to its signature metallic stylings. Its most recent incarnation is a 2017 edition, which harks back to the original design of the iconic timepiece. The digital perpetual calendar, chronograph complication and 18-carat red gold case are a showcase for contemporary elements amidst a design of true heritage. Learn more about the Luxury Racing watches.  



Or for Diving Deep Below

From the rigours of deckhands to toils beneath the sea, nothing tests design like the stresses of deep-water diving. High salinity, low temperatures, and excessive pressure are just a handful of the nemeses facing a timepiece critical to survival; there is zero margin for error. IWC faced such challenges head-on with the introduction of the Aquatimer in 1967. A striking steel case that preserved water-tightness to 200m with a rotating bezel beneath the glass as an added safeguard. IWC’s intrepid exploration continues today with revolutionary designs enabling water-resistance to depths of 2,000m, as well as the pioneering use of Ceratanium®. A material as light – as indestructible – as titanium, with the scratch resistance of ceramic. In a showcase of IWC’s strive for sustainability, these distinctive chronometers are also leveraged to bring attention to two forward-thinking ocean protection foundations. Plunge into the full range of Dive Watches to learn more about our partnerships. 


Tailoring Designs with Handmade Accessories

Add a suave sophistication to your timepiece as select accessories present an Italian exuberance to complement our Swiss Precision. Illustrious Italian shoe manufacturer Santoni has fashioned a distinctive array of alligator- and calf-leather straps to counterpart our stylish showpieces. Each strap is manually finished bringing an original patina that showcases a distinctive colour tone. Such character surfaces a sense of chronicles untold as each strap hums with a unique sense of antiquity. Delve into all our Santoni accessories to perfect your chronometer. 



Set Time in Perpetual Motion

Watches assembled for chronometry in perpetuity that will not err until 2499, the complications of the Perpetual Calendar collection include the date, day of the week, month, moon phase, and the year in a four-digit display. This early-1980’s creation is a mechanical masterpiece first debuted in the iconic Da Vinci model. Suffice to say IWC was protective of its development; prototypes entertained a codename – ‘Operation Eternity.’ Perpetual Calendar watches redefined the operational standards of internal mechanisms. The simplicity of the surface-level design belied the complexity of what ticked beneath. These timepieces are as revered today as they were on the day of their 1985 release. Discover the secrets of forever via the Perpetual Calendar Watches


Or Measure Time with Unparalleled Accuracy

The Chronograph is the prize amongst complications; practical at heart, yet the height of sophistication. IWC includes at least one manifestation of the chronograph in each watch family. The word derives meaning from Greek etymologies, literally translating to ‘writing time’. Measure history with an accuracy of a tenth-of-a-second via a simple-to-operate, push-down mechanism; the ultimate ease for any troubled timekeeper. The first IWC chronograph in 1980 was also a world-first – at its launch, the only watch assembled from titanium. Chronographs are singular complications of innovative watches presenting timepieces for the sportsman who boasts the bravura of a businessman. Unveil the secrets of precise timekeeping via IWC’s Chronograph Watches


Burgeoning Interest in Women’s Luxury Design

In-keeping with long-standing traditions and supporting a growing cohort of luxury watch aficionadas, IWC continues to build on the ladies’ designs first launched in the mid-1870’s. Offerings within the Portofino and Pilot watch families were followed by a stylish Da Vinci collection, and we now lay claim to a model fit for any occasion. Our diamond-encrusted Da Vinci’s are as much jewellery as they are chronometer, while the understated Portofino’s are a subtle addition to the wrist. With the Da Vinci line also sporting an engraving of their namesake’s geometric ‘Flower of Life’ on the reverse – has a watch ever been more emblematic of untouched beauty? Find out with our full collection of luxury Women’s Watches


Turning the Tide on Design

While deep-sea reliability enables intrepid exploration, beauty oft-lies in a complication. One such feature has long been a fascination of humankind; and so, the Moon Phase complication enamours both men and women with its distinctive allure. Displaying the phase of the moon was a pursuit that perplexed many-a-watchmaker over the years, with IWC first achieving the feat in 1977 before unveiling this now-feted collection. Kurt Klaus inspired a wave of innovation through his horological milestone as the Moon Phase watch rose as a star amidst subtler skies, placing IWC at the forefront of the mechanical watch movement during the 1970’s. Initially conceived for those in the northern hemisphere, the mechanical challenge of a double-moon-display inspired IWC engineers to chase a second ambitious creation, delivering the dual-moon complication in 2003. To those south of the equator – your Moon Phase timepiece has come. Resolve complications via our constellation of Moon Phase watches.