The Car Collector

Hans Ulrich Scholpp has been surrounded by beautiful cars since his childhood. His father had a fascination with cars – as did his three brothers. And so it only felt natural to him when he bought his first classic car, a Citroën 11 CV BN Traction Avant from 1956. It is one of more than 20 classic cars that the Stuttgart native now calls his own. Particularly taken by the work of Flaminio Bertoni, Ulrich has built up a considerable collection of classic cars of the Italian designer. A few days before the start of the third edition of the Passione Caracciola, Ulrich allowed us to take a sneak peek into his private garage. While preparing his Citroën DS19 Coupé Le Dandy Henri Chapron from 1963 for the upcoming rally, he talks about that magical moment when he sat in a classic car for the very first time – and why motivation is everything.