James Marsden meets his Configurator creation

The first custom Ingenieur Chronograph, designed by US actor James Marsden using the IWC Configurator, is now a reality. Find out where you can see this special timepiece.

With its leather calfskin bracelet, and black and silver-plated panda dial with black and red hands, this Ingenieur Chronograph is already special due to its classic look. But what makes it historic for IWC is how it came to be. Pictured to the right is the first made-to-order timepiece built using the Configurator, IWC’s online customization tool.


The Configurator, launched in April 2018, allows you to build and customize your own Ingenieur Chronograph to your tastes. You can choose from a selection of case materials, straps and dials, and even have your masterpiece engraved; a great way to combine your style with IWC innovation.


"Today's technology has enabled a real fusion of craftsmanship and manufacturing, and that's enabled us to make luxury truly personal again,” says IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr.

The first Ingenieur Chronograph designed wtih the IWC Configurator
The first Ingenieur Chronograph designed wtih the IWC Configurator
Marsden wears his new Ingenieur Chronograph
Marsden wears his new Ingenieur Chronograph

Made just for you, and James Marsden

The Configurator-crafted Ingenieur Chronograph was designed by US actor and IWC Brand Ambassador James Marsden. “I was very lucky to be chosen to do the first IWC Configurator watch […]. It’s something we haven’t seen before and I’m very excited about it.”


Marsden looked through all of the options, deciding on a stainless-steel case and a panda dial for his Ingenieur. But when it came to straps, it was a hard choice between two fashionable options.


“I went back and forth with having the steel bracelet but I ended up going with the leather [calfskin] saddle bracelet which you can dress up or dress down, you can wear it every day. You can wear it with a suit if you wanted to,” the star of HBO's "Westworld" said.


Marsden also loves the extra touches, such as the red second hand on the panda dial. “Overall I’m very pleased. I love what we came up with.”

A special place in IWC history

IWC watchmakers crafted two versions of Marsden’s Ingenieur Chronograph; one for Marsden, and the other for the IWC Museum.


“We're very proud and honored to present our visitors not only a unique timepiece at the museum but also the design from a well-known and respected actor. The Ingenieur designed by James Marsden is an indisputable highlight for our exhibition,” says David Seyffer, curator of the IWC Museum.


The one-on-one relationship between watchmaker and customer is also a highlight for IWC. Each timepiece ordered through the Configurator goes to one watchmaker who oversees its construction. The watch is then built to the customer’s unique specifications. It’s then put through over 500 hours of testing to meet IWC’s strict quality and precision standards.


The Configurator is available on our website. The made-to-order Ingenieur Chronographs are shipped to customers with US address or to an IWC US boutique for pickup.

The IWC Configurator with a selction of dials
The IWC Configurator with a selection of dials

The Ingenieur designed by James Marsden is an indisputable highlight for our exhibition

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