“I find it easy to decide on things, especially when it comes to watches and cars. I trust my instinct and have a good eye. I know what suits me and what my style is. The other day, I bought a beautiful vintage Citroën. I just knew right away that it would fit into my collection of classic cars. I grew up with cars and they were always a topic in my family. We are actually all a bit car-obsessed, but I’m the one living it out the most intensely with my collection devoted to cars designed by Flaminio Bertoni. I admit to being a bon vivant. I drive classic cars not to race them, but to enjoy the surroundings, the landscape, nature, cities, people. If I want to race, I use a modern sports car. But driving a Citroën – especially a Citroën DS – is a unique experience. It’s like a motor boat on the road, a Riva on four wheels. The engine does play a big role, but it’s not the most important one, in my opinion. It’s all about the way of driving a car and its design and composition. There are some cars with a design that you simply can’t get enough of. I could gaze at them forever.”

Graphic design vs. economics

“Already as a child, I was extremely observant and carefully investigated everything around me. I was constantly drawing, building or making things, and always had a soft spot for design. An art teacher at my school once saw me draw and said I should study art or graphic design. I had never considered it before, never had anything to do with art; I didn’t even know that this could be a profession and that you could make a living from it. My dad actually wanted me to study economics, but I was suddenly determined to study graphic design. At that time, I did not have anyone to look up to or learn from, so I just had to start and build up everything from scratch.”

The things surrounding us

“I walk through life with my eyes wide open, and I enjoy the fact that everything surrounding us is designed. It makes me particularly happy when design is good, meaningful and sustainable. I love design because I am a visually sensitive person, and I like things to be in harmony with each other. I cannot look at the world in an unencumbered way. My children and I explore objects together, and then talk about how the design might have been improved – the composition of a brochure, for instance, or a tool, a watch, a service offer, a building. We observe things and we analyse. There is too much superficiality in the world nowadays. Everyone thinks they can design. But nothing is worse than superficiality. I try to teach my children the values I have always lived by: a sense of social cohesion, love, respect and the trust to speak about anything – no matter what.”

Hans Ulrich Scholpp is a graphic designer and marketing consultant who lives in Stuttgart. He is a passionate collector of classic cars and IWC watches. Scholpp’s most recent book “Passion DS” is devoted to the Citroën DS 19 Cabriolet and is due to be published this year ( To take a look behind the scenes during the video shoot, click on the image gallery below.