4 January, 2017

Uma Thurman

Acting is joy

Uma Thurman


We continue our #IWCTalksTo series with a talk to actress Uma Thurman.


US actress Uma Thurman had embarked on a career as a model before her acting talents were discovered. One of her first prominent roles was as June Miller in "Henry & June." She made her international breakthrough in 1994 as the self-destructive gangster’s moll Mia Wallace in Quentin Tarantino’s cult movie "Pulp Fiction," for which she won nominations for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. In 2003, she was awarded a Golden Globe for best actress for the TV movie "Hysterical Blindness." She celebrated further triumphs as an ethereal presence in "Gattaca" as well as an avenging angel in Quentin Tarantino’s "Kill Bill."