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IWC Schaffhausen


Bangkok is a veritable feast for the senses. From the minute you step foot on the tarmac the city offers an explosion of diverse offerings satiating the curious traveller’s mind. The contrast of old and new, traditional and modern grabbing you immediately, evident everywhere, from the gleaming, gilded temples to the fusion restaurants and the sights and sounds of the busy metropolis.   

This juxtaposition played well for IWC’s Da Vinci Exhibition, launched in Siam Paragon last June, a fitting display of what form ‘new' can create when referencing the old. I arrived in Bangkok the day before the launch, excitement only further fuelled by the wonderful cacophony of sounds and sensory overload - and by the prospects of degustation. And boy, I was not disappointed. 

Our first meal at Bo. Lan and their unforgettable durian coconut pudding made sure of that. (I was that girl that asked for a second helping). The dinner entertainment was an excerpt of the traditional Ramakien puppet show, one of Thailand’s fashion editors kind enough to narrate the history of this epic and explain why the friendly Hanuman puppet had taken off with my handbag (only to return it shortly after in exchange for a kiss). 

The next day was spent recovering from the previous night’s full belly and preparing for the evening’s launch with the following ingredients in my hotel room: hair, makeup, coffee - not necessarily in that order. After a quick break for lunch at nearby Jim Thompson’s Bombyx (and their incredible assortment of all things satay and scallop) we arrived at Siam Paragon where the energy was high and the excitement created by the mirrored photo booth even higher. It was a night of celebrating; we chatted with press and friends from all over the region, pausing only for a moment to cut the ribbon and officially launch and open the exhibition. 

Our final morning was spent exploring more of the city, the infamous Thailand heat beating down on us as we (and thousands of like-minded tourists) meandered through the temples and Museum of Textiles - where the Queen’s wardrobe of meticulously designed pieces is on display, the collection fit for a - well, you know. Strolling through the exhibit is a must; the petite queen’s outfits are a wonderful portal to the history of Thailand, exploring the meticulous handiwork of Thai artisans working alongside the designer.  


The trip was punctuated with a final meal on the river at Sala Rattanakosin where the vast array of Thai food laid out on the table was the perfect way to bid farewell and induce a welcome food coma before the journey back home to Manila. 

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IWC Schaffhausen