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IWC Schaffhausen



Discover two IWC novelties, the Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition “Le Petit Prince” (Ref. IW502710) and the Big Pilot’s Watch Monopusher Edition “Antoine de Saint-Exupery” (Ref. IW515204).


As part of our series “An IWC Watch Introduces Itself,” several brand-new novelties have already shared some exciting insights with our loyal Journal readers. Now that IWC is launching two Big Pilot’s Watches dedicated to the famous novel “Le Little Prince” and its creator, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, we thought it would be fun to sit them down and have both references interview each other. 


Read on to find out how they try to tease out more information about each other’s features.

BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: So nice to be able to speak to you! How’s it going?


BP MONOPUSHER ADSE: I’ve been quite well, thank you for asking. How are you keeping?


BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: Not too bad, can’t complain really. You look fan-tas-tic by the way! That is, despite being pushed around all the time. Hahaha! Get it?


BP MONOPUSHER ADSE: Amusing... Might I remind you that I have a greater power reserve than you do?

— The Big Pilot’s Watch Monopusher Chronograph Edition “Antoine de Saint-Exupery” Ref. IW515204

BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: True, true. You beat me by a full day. While I only have a power reserve of seven days, you’re all powered up for up to eight days. That’s pretty impressive!


BP MONOPUSHER ADSE: Indeed, my friend. Theoretically speaking, I could even run for nine days. I have one extra day in reserve to ensure a constant driving torque and to, precisely, keep running throughout 8 days without winding.


BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: Alright alright, you got me there. Let’s get started then.. This interview will be fun! I’ll go first: Tell me a little bit about yourself. What kind of watch are you?


BP MONOPUSHER ADSE: Well, I have a remarkable diameter of 46.2 mm. I carry within me the IWC-manufactured 59365 calibre and my case and crown are made of 18 carat 5N gold. And if I may so humbly add, being limited to just 100 models, you can say that I’m a rather exclusive timepiece to be owned by just a very select few.

Both my dial and the brown calfskin strap with its white stitching are inspired by the flight overalls worn by Saint-Exupery and other pilots during this era.
– Big Pilot’s Watch Monopusher “Antoine de Saint-Exupery”
— Geneva stripes decorate the IWC-manufactured 59365 caliber with a power reserve of 192 hours

BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: Are you the first Big Pilot’s Watch Monopusher by IWC?


BP MONOPUSHER ADSE: Not quite, I happen to be the second model. The first one was the Big Pilot’s Watch Monopusher Edition “Le Petit Prince” that came out in November 2021. As it was quite successful among watch connoisseurs, IWC decided to manufacture a second model - this time, featuring my dial in a traditional and elegant tobacco brown…


BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: …Which is quite an eye-catcher, I can’t lie!

BP MONOPUSHER ADSE: And rightly so! Both my dial and the brown calfskin strap with its white stitching are inspired by the flight overalls worn by Saint-Exupery and other pilots during this era. To this day, I’m still in awe of this fine gentleman – a pilot and an author – who, through his books, inspired so many people, young and old alike.


BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: No kidding! I get goosebumps every time I look at my rotor.


BP MONOPUSHER ADSE: What about your rotor?


BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: Ah, didn’t you know? It’s my most beautiful feature! A rotor made of 18 carat gold; rhodium-plated to suit the color of my case. It looks like a drawing made by Antoine de Saint-Exupery of the Little Prince standing on a flower-bedecked asteroid while looking at the stars. I just love the way Saint-Ex portrays children as being naturally curious, kind-hearted and utterly idealistic.

I’m a super user-friendly annual calendar that displays month, date, and day in three separate slightly curved windows.
– Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar “Le Petit Prince”


BP MONOPUSHER ADSE: What a truly beautiful image! And I was not aware that Saint-Ex actually created these drawings, himself. Are there any other features you find particularly attractive about yourself?


BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: I’m a super user-friendly annual calendar that displays month, date, and day in three separate slightly curved windows.


BP MONOPUSHER ADSE: And what do you mean by “super user-friendly”?


BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: It means that I only need to be adjusted once a year – at the end of February. Very convenient for someone who doesn’t want to have to adjust the date every couple of months.

BP MONOPUSHER ADSE: That’s a very useful complication, indeed! Any other details you’d like to highlight?


BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: Well, I have a stainless-steel case, an IWC-manufactured caliber 52850, a brown calfskin strap with a folding clasp, and my rhodium-plated hands look nothing less than spectacular on my deep blue sun-brushed dial. Oh, and not to forget: I’m limited to 250 models.


BP MONOPUSHER ADSE: You’re quite a star yourself, if I may say so. On an concluding note, what is your favourite quote in the book? Of course, the obvious one, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye.”, does not count!


BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: Hmm… in that case, I’m gonna say: “All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.”


BP MONOPUSHER ADSE: Fine choice, my dear friend. And with that, I bid you good day. It was marvellous having this chat with you.


BP ANNUAL CALENDAR LPP: The pleasure was all mine, my Big Pilot brother.





IWC Schaffhausen