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How-to tips for your IWC watch

Anyone can wear a watch. But it takes a true timepiece lover to know there’s more to wearing a watch than just strapping it on their wrist. The Journal visits watch enthusiast Justin Hast in the studio of our IWC Boutique on Bond Street in London as he answers your burning watch care questions. Learn how to clean your watch, wind it and more in our six-part “How To…” video series.

How to correctly wind your watch

Perhaps winding your watch is part of your morning ritual, or maybe you do it just before bedtime, but those 20-to-30 twists of the crown are important. Using the classic Portugieser Automatic and the sporty Pilot’s Watch Chronograph, Justin Hast explains in episode one of our “How To…” series the correct way to wind your watch and why you should take it off your wrist before doing so.


Please note that in order to wind the mainspring of timepieces containing an IWC-manufactured movement from the 82000-calibre family, the crown must be turned anti-clockwise.


How to set the date on your watch

Did you know that you shouldn’t set the date on your watch between 9pm and 3am? That’s because it interferes with the jumping mechanism. Here’s another tip: Set the date on your watch for the day before. Want to know why? Watch the second video in our six-part series with watch enthusiast Justin Hast on caring for your watch. 


How to keep your IWC luxury watch safe

It has happened either to you or someone you know: You return home from a long trip to find your valuables gone, including your luxury timepiece. But theft isn’t the only hazard for your watch: Mother Nature can wreak havoc too. Don’t despair though. There are steps you can take to – hopefully – keep sticky hands and wild weather away from your watch. Justin Hast shares his tips on securing your investment at home and on the road in our third “How To…” video.


How to adjust your Milanaise bracelet

The Milanaise bracelet, featured on selected Portofino models, is a reflection of the Italian lifestyle. With its fine wire mesh weave and refined but robust build, the Milanaise provides a snug fit around with wrist without sacrificing comfort, but proper fit is key. Justin Hast demonstrates how to adjust the bracelet to ensure your Portofino stays secure and looks stylish.


How to care for your IWC leather watch strap

The leather strap on your IWC watch is made exclusively by Italian shoe manufacturer Santoni, and it needs the same attention as a pair of classic double-buckles. Proper caring of your leather strap can evolve into a sensuous, tactile experience.  In the fifth installment of our “How To…” series, watch enthusiast Justin Hast gives tips on how care for your strap with a little cream, a cloth and common sense.


How to clean your IWC watch

If you wear your watch a lot – and we hope you do – it’s going to attract dirt. But don’t reach for that bar of soap. As Justin Hast explains, a little bit of water and elbow grease is enough to keep your timepiece looking great. Cleaning your watch is the topic of our sixth video in our “How To…” series. 


How to adjust your h-link metal bracelet

Discover how to adjust the bracelet size of your H-Link metal bracelet.


How to adjust your 5-link metal bracelet

Discover how to adjust the bracelet size of your 5-Link metal bracelet.


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