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IWC Schaffhausen

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    IWC Schaffhausen

    IWC Schaffhausen




    IWC Schaffhausen – Pioneers of Luxury Watches


    IWC has been at the forefront of watch innovation for over 150 years. Our chronometers continue to redefine the standards of Swiss luxury watches. Each model presents mechanical finesse in which intricate design balances expectations of grandeur. Explore our hand-picked selections to discover your perfect timepiece or use our Boutique finder to locate a retailer near you. 

    New Portugieser Collection 2020

    Now, for the first time, the new collection is entirely equipped with high-quality IWC-manufactured calibres. Even in its standard version, the popular Portugieser Chronograph is now fitted with the IWC-manufactured 69355 calibre and features a seethrough sapphire-glass back.



    IWC Schaffhausen was one of the first watchmakers to produce references with blue dials. Since making this design innovation in 1967, IWC has featured blue dials in more than 120 references across its six watch families.


    Mechanical watches calibre

    Masterful Mechanisms

    Over 150 years of precision engineering experience is behind our mechanical watch collection, which features our iconic chronometers with innovative internal systems. Our watches blend exact timekeeping with an elegant device. IWC continues to push the boundaries with progressive designs, such the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar, that complement the sophisticated mechanisms within.


    Automatic Watches Clockwork

    The Advent of Automation

    IWC launched its first automatic winding mechanism in 1950, utilising the acclaimed Pellaton system. Inertia and gravity combined to allow the automatic watch to run in perpetuity as the slightest rocking motion would coil the mainspring. This solution remained unchanged for almost 60 years until the 52000 Chronograph, an overhaul that resulted in a more efficient double-pawl mechanism.


    Swiss Luxury Watches - Aviator Style

    The Sky’s the Limit

    The iconic aviator watch has been a steadfast presence since IWC’s beginning. The idea was conceived in 1936 by then-owner Ernst Homberger. Given to his two sons who had recently qualified as pilots, this watch had to be a hardy, shock-resistant, anti-magnetic navigation device. The result is a precise chronometer that is the envy of all aviator watches.


    Luxurious Sailing Watches

    Designs for the High Seas

    In 2010, IWC combined the Portugieser with the 1967 IWC Yacht Club timepiece. The result, with its marine chronometer precision, was perfect for today’s sailing watch demands. The Portugieser Yacht Club Chronograph combines classic design with sporting flourishes to match the requirements of boating-related activities and is one of the most recognizable sailing watches of today.


    Swiss Luxury Watches - Racing Style

    To Life on the Tarmac

    Originally developed for engineers and scientists, the Ingenieur has become a favorite of motorsport enthusiasts. The first of the racing watches to withstand extreme magnetic fields of up to 50,000 A/m, the Ingenieur’s most recent incarnation is the 2017 edition. The digital perpetual calendar, chronograph complication and 18-carat 5N gold case are a showcase for contemporary elements.


    Swiss made Dive Watches

    Or for Diving Deep Below

    Nothing tests design like the stresses of deep-water diving. High salinity and excessive pressure are just two of the problems. IWC faced these challenges with the introduction of the Aquatimer in 1967, which was watertight to 200m. The exploration continues today with water-resistant diving watches to depths of 2,000m and the use of Ceratanium®, a light, scratch-resistant material.  


    Santoni Accessories for Swiss Luxury Watches

    Accent with Handmade Accessories

    Add a suave sophistication to your timepiece with Santoni accessories, offering a distinctive array of alligator- and calf-leather straps crafted exclusively for IWC by Italian shoe manufacturer Santoni. Each strap is hand finished, bringing a patina that showcases its own distinctive colour tone. Such character surfaces a sense of chronicles untold as each strap displays a unique story.


    Perpetual Calendar Clockwork

    Set Time in Perpetual Motion

    Watches assembled for chronometry in perpetuity that will not err until 2499, the complications of our perpetual calendar watches include the date, day of the week, month, moon phase, and the year in a four-digit display. This early-1980’s creation debuted in the iconic Da Vinci model. Perpetual calendar watches redefined the operational standards of internal mechanisms. 


    Swiss Chronograph Watches

    Unparalleled Accuracy

    The chronograph is practical yet sophisticated. IWC includes at least one manifestation of the chronograph in each watch family. Our chronograph watches have an accuracy of a tenth-of-a-second via a simple-to-operate, push-down mechanism. The first IWC chronograph in 1980 was a world first. At the time of its launch, it was the only watch assembled from titanium.


    Womens Luxury Watches

    Swiss Women’s Luxury Design

    IWC builds on the designs of Swiss women's luxury watches launched in the mid-1870’s. Offerings within the Portofino and Pilot watch families were followed by the elegant Da Vinci collection. The understated Portofino and Pilot watches offer a subtle addition to the wrist, while our diamond-encrusted Da Vinci’s are as much jewellery as they are chronometer.


    Moon Phase watch Components

    Turning the Tide on Design

    Displaying the moon phase has challenged many watchmakers over time. IWC first achieved the feat of producing a moon phase watch in 1977. Initially conceived for the Northern Hemisphere, the mechanical challenge of a double-moon display gave IWC engineers a second goal, delivering the dual-moon complication in 2003, which shows the phase for the Southern Hemisphere as well. 


    IWC Gold Watches

    Timeless and of lasting value, gold is the embodiment of luxury and elegance. For its gold watches, IWC uses 18-carat gold, containing 75% of pure gold.


    IWC Schaffhausen