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The first prototype of the Cyberloupe revolutionised the way we looked at - and inside – a mechanical watch. Never before have we been able to see the marvellous intricacies of a movement literally through the eyes of a watchmaker. With the new Cyberloupe 2.0, IWC is now taking this extraordinary experience to the next level.

— Clearer view through the magnifying lense

The focus of the Cyberloupe’s redesign revolved mainly around two questions: how to make it more ergonomic, and how to improve the quality of the images emitted. “When developing the 1.0 version, we were driven by the question ‘Is it possible at all’? And the answer was: Yes!” explains Antonio Palmisano who oversaw the project. “But to turn it into a device for everyday use, we needed to take our watchmakers’ feedback into account.” The outcome? It needed to be more wearable. 


And so, Antonio’s team got down to work to make the Cyberloupe meet the watchmakers’ needs: first, it tackled the magnifying glass. To allow a clearer and brighter view of the movement, the team attached a dimmable LED light around the watchmaker loupe. And for even better viewing comfort, lenses can now be easily exchanged, fitted with appropriate corrective lenses and positioned either in front of the left or right eye. 



Next up was a new fit of the so-called Cyberloupe “crown”. While the 1.0-crown shape adhered to EU-standards, the device would sometimes get in the way of the watchmaker’s tools. The new crown, however, is now more ergonomic, adjustable and comfortable for the wearer, no matter their head size. A seemingly unimportant detail, but at the top of nearly every watchmaker’s feedback list. “It’s no use if it’s not comfortable for the watchmaker,” Antonio explains.


Finally, the team installed new software in line with the needs of current and future projects. By integrating a new augmented reality function, relevant information such as a detailed assembly instructions can now be displayed in front of the watchmaker’s eyes. Additionally, there is now a set of red and green lights that indicates to both the watchmaker and outsiders whether the Cyberloupe 2.0 is taking pictures, livestreaming or recording at any given moment. 






Four models of the Cyberloupe 2.0 are currently circulating among Richemont platforms and IWC boutiques worldwide. The customer service departments are particularly excited to have access to the new device, according to Antonio. “A watchmaker wore the Cyberloupe 2.0 during a watchmaking class in China a few weeks ago. The participants were thrilled to look at razor-sharp images and be able to follow the movement assembly in detail.”


More worldwide events of this sort are already in planning. In the near future, the Cyberloupe 2.0 will be increasingly used for virtual diagnostics, watch services, as well as for internal training purposes. 



Click here to view a recording of our first Cyberloupe Livestream on LinkedIn;

or sign up to be notified about the next Cyberloupe Livestream here

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