Your watch is thoroughly inspected by a qualified IWC watchmaker. With a trained eye, the experienced specialist carefully examines the case of the timepiece, checking it for any signs of wear. Subsequently, a series of tests are carried out to ensure complete technical functionality. For example, by examining the automatic winding system or the date indication. With a timing machine, the watchmaker then precisely measures the watch’s degree of accuracy in various positions.



Should the case of your watch exhibit irregularities or deep traces of wear, a specially trained craftsman evens them out. With an experienced hand and plenty of patience, the specialist works to carefully polish or matte all surfaces. If you wear your watch with a metal bracelet, we will treat it in the same way.

Case work


After the watchmaker dismantles the case, the seals are replaced. Subsequently, the movement is inserted into the case again and the glass is securely fitted.  Through this procedure, we ensure that your IWC watch is waterproof to the depth that was guaranteed at the time of purchase. The sensitive watch movement consisting of countless individual parts is now again protected against humidity or contamination through dust particles or dirt.

Movement Work


Your IWC watch is a mechanical precision instrument and periodically needs a comprehensive maintenance. An experienced watchmaker disassembles the movement into its individual parts. All components are carefully cleaned and particles of dirt and oil residues are removed. Subsequently, every single part is carefully inspected. Worn parts or damaged components are replaced using only genuine parts. Finally, the precision mechanism is reassembled and various points in the movement are treated with lubricants developed especially for use in timepieces.

Quality control


Before we return your timepiece after maintenance or service work, the watch undergoes a comprehensive check by an IWC watchmaker that meets our strict requirements for quality and precision. Additionally, we test the power reserve of the watch and measure the degree of accuracy over a longer period of time and in various positions.