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IWC Schaffhausen

The Journal

Logbook Filmproduction

The film we did for IWC Schaffhausen had been created in California, USA. Concept and writing the script took place mainly in Santa Monica.


SANTA MONICA, LA 34.011901393585866, -118.45183444058206


The film we did for IWC Schaffhausen had been created in California, USA. Concept and writing the script took place mainly in Santa Monica where my good friend David Oswald is living. We met a couple of times in his garage, where he set up a big projector and we scribbled ideas of a Storyline about me and my life. Not the easiest task, I’m telling you, but after a couple of delete-all-moments we found a common sense in the topics of my career: Timing. 


—Paul in California, where he lives and works, and the video was produced.
—6000 Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)- where the office Pari Club House is located.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA 33.625901445426855, -117.9478833794452


The first day of shooting took place in Newport Beach. I moved to Orange County (yes, Newport Beach is the main theme of OC California) in 2016 after I felt it was time for a change of sceneries. Mainly for private reasons, I’m married for 16 years now and have 3 children, Polly, 14, Rosalie, 10 and Tate Thomas, 3, we always wanted the kids to live in an English speaking environment. Newport Beach has been my happy place after tons of work-tips in LA, so we decided to spend the two-year-planned adventure that now is 5 years here. Last year I rented an office to stop working out of my garage, and right down the street from where I live I now have the coolest adress I could think of: 6000 Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). I started a brand with my initials (PARI) and thought it was funny to name the office Pari Club House, which is the PCH on PCH and leads to a lot of confusion when you want to meet at PCH! We filmed the Interview and Beach Shots as well as some B-Roll of me working in the morning and afternoon of the first day, packed up as fast as we could and took off to the desert. 


ANZA-BORREGO DESERT 33.28181991672128, -116.06474857794932


In the beginning of 2021 I was not happy with the way my two girls where treating each other. So I decided to take them on a trip without any mobile devices in the closest physical setup having them sleep in a roof-top-tent. We went towards the desert and I kept telling them we only return home if they’re nice to each other. Thats where I found by accident the beautiful spot of Anza-Borrego which is basically between a weird town on the Salton sea, Salton City and the desert city Borrego Springs. It’s located just 2 hours away from where we live, but the landscape couldn’t be more different. Especially the ridges where you can legally park and camp are one of the most scenic places I have ever been. Four weeks and a couple of one-night-stays later IWC called me to produce this film, and I realized I need to use this location for this. On weekends, there are thousands of USA-OFF-Road- People and it is super crowded as well as pretty loud with all the quads and motorbikes riding through the valleys, but on weekdays you are alone out there. Also, there is 5G-signal which makes it easy to work a little!


—Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (ABDSP) is a California State Park located within the Colorado Desert of southern California, USA.


Find out more about Paul here.




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