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The Manufakturzentrum



It is the latest chapter in a story that started 150 years ago. In August 2018, IWC officially opened the doors to the new Manufakturzentrum, a 13,500 square meter, state-of-the-art building constructed to house case and movement production as well as movement assembly, giving the company room to further expand in-house expertise and prepare for a future of technical innovation.





The Manufakturzentrum is an important benchmark for IWC: It is the first entirely new building the company has constructed since its founding. After two expansions of already-existing IWC structures, one in 2005 and the other in 2008, it was obvious that one of the most popular makers of luxury watches in the world needed more room.


Twenty-five engineering firms, 70 construction companies and 100 craftsmen worked for 2 years to build the Manufakturzentrum, breaking ground in February 2016 and finishing in March 2018. In line with its commitment to sustainability and supporting the region, IWC worked with local suppliers whenever possible. 

Around 400 skilled employees work in the Manufakturzentrum, where components for the 52000 and 82000 movements are made, as well as the 59000 and 69000 movement families. The move to the Manufakturzentrum was gradual, with the case and small parts production settling into their new home in January 2018 and the movement assembly production department shifting to the building two months later.


Nestled in a rolling green field 8 km north of IWC’s Schaffhausen headquarters, the Manufakturzentrum features open areas and bright, spacious rooms, allowing in as much daylight as possible. Wood paneling and LED lighting provide a calm environment for employees and visitors alike, while the interior design reflects the blend of timeless style and function IWC is known for. 

The openness of the Manufakturzentrum is also the result of an initial question: how to show visitors the technology, innovation and craftsmanship that goes into an IWC timepiece

The openness of the Manufakturzentrum is also the result of an initial question: how to show visitors the technology, innovation and craftsmanship that goes into an IWC timepiece. The answer was to build the visitor experience into the structure, making it a completely new adventure for visitors who travel from all parts of the world to Schaffhausen to see how the timepieces are made. Multimedia systems, videos, and displays will invite visitors to travel deeper into the IWC story. And guests will even have the chance to put the finishing touches to parts with the help of experienced staff.


Not only is the structure beautiful, it is logical as well. The Manufakturzentrum has a linear layout that aligns with the production sequence. The birth of a timepiece starts at one end of the building, where the raw materials are handled, then moves along the length of the structure and ending with a watch movement. This is a marked change from the logistics of the previous process in which production areas were spread out across different locations.

The Manufakturzentrum combines centuries-old watchmaking experience with cutting-edge production methods and innovative technologies, which ensures the watches retain the high quality they are known for and the products made in Schaffhausen are still competitive on the international market. It is the biggest ever investment in IWC’s history and a sign of a clear commitment to the town and people of Schaffhausen, the historic Swiss town that gives “IWC Schaffhausen” its name. 



IWC Schaffhausen has been closely following the development of COVID-19, and has taken appropriate measures to prepare. Our priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees and clients. Given the declaration of the Swiss Federal Council for the situation to be “particular”, precautionary measures have come into effect at the headquarters and manufacture facilities in Schaffhausen. As a consequence, Museum and Manufacture visits will be suspended until further notice.


For IWC enthusiasts and watch aficionados we organize guided tours in English and in German. The tour includes:

  • Welcome at the auditorium which includes a story and film presentation
  • Museum
  • Visit in one of our watchmaking departments at HQ
  • Transfer to the Manufakturzentrum


  • Guided tour of the Manufakturzentrum
  • Transfer back to headquarters
  • A presentation of the collection in our boardroom

Surrounded by our most beautiful and complicated masterpieces, we will introduce you to our extensive history as well as to our six watch families. Furthermore, in the museum itself you will have the unique opportunity to observe one of our watchmakers at work and if you are interested in our current collection, our colleagues from our boutique next door will be more than happy to be at your service.


Afterwards, you will get to see something unique: the watchmakers doing their filigree work on an exclusive IWC Schaffhausen watch. One of our experienced guides will accompany you during the visit through our new manufacturer centre and will give you some background information and details during all the stages of the visit.


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