16 March, 2016


Believe in what you do


Believe in what you do

We continue our #IWCTalksTo series with a talk to the French football manager and former player Arsène Wenger.


Born in Strasbourg, Arsène Wenger acquired his coaching licence at the end of a career as a professional football player. As manager of AS Monaco, he won the Champion’s League in 1988 and the French Cup Final in 1991. After a spell in Japan, he took up his post as manager of English Premier League team Arsenal. Under Wenger, the Gunners have won the FA Cup no fewer than six times and the Premier League three times and have been among England’s top teams since 1998. The team also took the Championship in 2004 without losing a single game. Wenger is representative of a new generation of qualified coaches and, in terms of titles won, Arsenal’s most successful manager ever.

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