IWC Schaffhausen

Our employees are the key to IWC's past and future success. We know from experience that they are more productive if they look forward to coming to work and still have the time and energy for a rewarding personal life. That's why we offer our employeesthem a range of attractive benefits and opportunities;, and why we work hard to resolve any health or security issues. We nurture in-house careers and focus on diversity, health and training possibilitespossibilities.







For IWC, it is important to have a work environment that allows all our employees to fulfil their potential. We foster a culture in which employee-related decisions, whether to do with hiring, training or promotion, are based solely on an individual’s ability and potential to contribute to the company’s success.





For IWC, it is important to have a work environment that allows all our employees to fulfil their potential. We foster a culture in which employee-related decisions, whether to do with hiring, training or promotion, are based solely on an individual’s ability and potential to contribute to the company’s success. Our global workforce is drawn from over 50 different countries. In Schaffhausen alone, we have employees from 33 nations.



We know how important it is to balance the needs of work and private life, and help the parents of young children to combine childcare with a successful professional life by providing financial support for childcare to mothers. As well as family leave to mothers and fathers alike upon the arrival of a new child.



We do not tolerate harassment or any other behaviour that creates a hostile, offensive or intimidating environment.




At IWC Schaffhausen, we actively promote the health and wellbeing of our workforce, using and have comprehensive safety guidelines and product/service standards tothat assure the safety of our staff and customers – always our highest priority.




Healthy living:

We encourage sporting activity through our ownin-house IWC sports club; and we contribute to the cost of gym membership;memberships.



We closely monitor safety data and take action whenever improvements are required. We conduct regular audits of our manufacturing sites and service centres, and use the results to drive continuous improvement.



All our employees are entitled to fringe benefits that include subsidisedsubsidized public transport, fitness centres, lunch and insurance.




IWC’s responsible approach to business helps us to attract the very best talent;: individuals who share our values and are ready and willing to go the extra mile. Getting the right start is the foundation for building a successful career. So, IWC Schaffhausen has established a comprehensive “onboarding” programme that includes:



Direct entry for people with experience:

IWC offers a wide variety of direct-entry opportunities for new staff who have previouswith professional experience in areas such as watchmaking, sales and administration. These employees can look forward toenjoy a structured induction programme combined withincluding regular assessment meetings with managers to help their career development;.


Corporate trainee programme for graduate entrants:

Designed for students graduating with a mastersMaster’s degree in economics. The , this 18-month programme lasts for 18 months plusincludes a three-month deployment abroad and is an excellent start to springboard for a successful career atwith IWC. Trainees are integrated directly into the workplace alongside experienced employees, so they getgain a first-hand insight into day-to-day business. One important aspect of the programme is thea job rotation system that gives each trainee an insight intofamiliarizes trainees with the various departments and gives them a deeper understanding of the company as a whole. The programme is completedrounded off with regular feedback and coaching sessions, and as well as meetings with the CEO and management teams;.


Internships for university students:

TheseLimited to a period of between six and nine months, internships are suitableintended for students and university graduates wishingwho wish to gain an insight into the departments and processes at IWC and to get their first experience of the world of work over a limited period of six to nine months. For students, there is. Students can also the option of combiningcombine the internship with their thesis work. Interns can look forward to being involved in exciting projects and becoming fully integrated in the working life of the company;.



Apprentices at IWC will spend three to four years gaining an insight into becoming fully acquainted with the diverse aspects of the world of watchmaking. We offer seven different training coursesprogrammes that all deliver practical specialist knowledge and promote the development of the trainee’s self-reliance, aptitude for learning, flexibility and creativity. Our trainees spend 80 percentper cent of their apprenticeship in the apprentice workshop and the remaining 20 percentper cent on the shop floor. On completion of their training, our apprentices are all presented with a special commemorative watch.




Training is a key component in the IWC Schaffhausen’s success of IWC Schaffhausen.. The quality of our watches relies on highly skilled depends on the skills and expertise of our watchmakers; and our, while only staff who are passionate about their work can guarantee customer satisfaction depends on passionate staff.. We systematically trainoffer systematic training and developdevelopment options to our people within ourthe company or with our parent company, Richemont, which offers worldwide opportunities. At the same time, IWC Schaffhausen allows employees to develop careers across a variety of positions and international locations.




Talent Monitoring:

We keep track of our employees’ professional experience and training in order to understand their future needs;, and to make sureensure that valuable knowledge is passed on as our more experienced staff near retirement;.


Training methods:

We use various methods to help our people develop:. These include on-the-job support from managers or specialists in the team;, participation in team projects;, classes through the IWC Online Academy;, and in-house or external training with experts in their fields;.


Individual training programme:

IWC Schaffhausen organisesorganizes programmes and activities that encourage employees from all departments and at all levels to learn from one another. Typical programmes focus on IWC’s history and craftsmanship or on general work and life-related issues.