9 June, 2017

Sonam kapoor

I like Drama

Sonam kapoor

I Like Drama

Sonam Kapoor is regarded as one of India’s most fashionable celebrities, sought after actresses and inspirational influencers. Her portrayal of flight attendant Neerja in the biographical thriller of the same name garnered wide critical acclaim. In this “IWC Talks To” interview the 31-year-old opens up about why she frequently makes unconventional choices, how she was able to find her own path despite coming from an actor family, and why she thinks she has only very little self-preservation.


In her career span of 10 years, Sonam Kapoor has emerged as one of the most sought after actresses on the Bollywood horizon today.


The box-office successes of her last two movies have catapulted her to super stardom. PremRatanDhanPayo was a huge success amassing more than INR 300 Crores worth of Box-office revenues. Her latest movie Neerja has not only been the most successful movie of 2016 in terms of ROI but also a movie that critics and audiences have lauded for its compelling story telling and the tour de force performance of Sonam as Neerja.


Raanjhanaa (2013) was her first big solo success and the turning point of her career. This movie garnered not only critical adulation but also went on to gross over INR 120 CR at the box-office. 'Raanjhanaa’, a female centric movie cemented Sonam’s star power and her box-office credibility.


In addition to the several awards Sonam has already won in the past, 2016 seems to be the year of Sonam. She has been nominated as best actress for “Neerja” in almost every award show and has won four awards for best actress.


Sonam Kapoor is what fashion designers dream off and what girls aspire to be! This high priestess of fashion is known for setting trends all over the world and has the crème-de-la-crème of high fashion brands as well as street wear fashion with equal ease and panache.