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IWC’s declaration of quality manifested in its hallmark “Probus Scafusia” -  “good, solid craftsmanship from Schaffhausen” - is a firm commitment to manufacture precision measuring instruments that retain their value and have a long life expectancy. Our experienced watchmakers service every timepiece in compliance with strict quality standards. To ensure that your IWC watch provides excellent service for many years, we recommend regular maintenance


If your IWC watch needs service, repair, or restoration, we are here to make that process as convenient for you as possible. You can find your closest boutique or authorized retailer with our store locator . Alternatively, you may contact our Concierge for instructions on how to send your watch directly to our service centre. You can find your Concierge number by selecting your country at the bottom of this page


The restoration of an antique watch calls for a wealth of training, expertise and manual dexterity as well as a profound knowledge of and passion for IWC’s heritage and historical timepieces. The experienced watchmakers at IWC headquarters are trained to restore defective parts together with the cases, dials and movements of old or antique watches to their original state.


The actual process of restoring an antique watch is similar to that of a complete service and, depending on the watch model and its condition, may take up to several months. 


The final stage in any restoration is a meticulous check of the watch’s functions and performance in accordance with the original specifications. It will also include a test of the watch’s accuracy and, depending on the model, of the power reserve, both of which are carried out over a period of several days.




As stated in the IWC service warranty, IWC Schaffhausen offers a 24-month guarantee on all restoration work for old and antique watches, including replacement parts. Although modern-day standards of accuracy and water-resistance do not always apply to restored antique watches, historical watches from IWC Schaffhausen are, nevertheless, known and valued for their exemplary precision. 

service scope

IWC keeps track of all watches produced for reference in its record books. Millions of components – some of them minuscule – are carefully organized and kept under optimal conditions in a collection that spans from current models all the way back to the Jones calibres of IWC’s early days.

Service prices




Price indications are merely indicative and subject to change at any time. All prices include VAT.