Precision engineering for an eternity

For the first time, IWC presents the Perpetual Calendar with a high quality in-house movement from the 82000-calibre family

The 44-millimetre version of the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar displays the calendar information on four subdials and also features a four-digit year display as well as a display showing the power reserve. This model is available with either a large single or double moon phase display. It features IWC-manufactured movements from the 52000-calibre family, which store a 7-day power reserve in two barrels. For the first time, IWC presents this model in an 18-carat Armor Gold® case, a harder version of 5N gold.

Gold is timeless and retains its value. It embodies luxury and elegance more than any other precious metal. The pure gold content of an IWC watch case is 75 per cent, which is equivalent to 18 carats. The gold is alloyed with other materials and in this way assumes the desired colour. 18 ct Armor Gold® is an unusual new variant of 5N gold. The material is produced using a sophisticated process, during which the microstructure of the alloy is transformed. As a result, the material is significantly harder and five to ten times as wear-resistant as conventional 5N gold.

The ingenious perpetual calendar, which debuted in the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar in 1985, comprises only about 80 parts and displays the date, day, month, year in four digits, and the moon phase. The smart mechanical program automatically recognises the different length of the months, and even adds a leap day at the end of February every four years. The moon phase display is so precise that it will deviate from the actual phase of the moon by just one day after 577.5 years. All displays are perfectly synchronised and can be adjusted simply by turning the crown.

Portugieser Perpetual Calendar