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IWC’s declaration of quality manifested in its hallmark “Probus Scafusia” -  “good, solid craftsmanship from Schaffhausen” - is a firm commitment to manufacture precision measuring instruments that retain their value and have a long life expectancy. Our experienced watchmakers service every timepiece in compliance with strict quality standards. To ensure that your IWC watch provides excellent service for many years, we recommend regular maintenance


If your IWC watch needs service, repair, or restoration, we are here to make that process as convenient for you as possible. You can find your closest boutique or authorized retailer with our store locator . Alternatively, you may contact our Concierge for instructions on how to send your watch directly to our service centre. You can find your Concierge number by selecting your country at the bottom of this page

Complete Service

It involves a full overhaul of the timepiece and is a complex, largely manual task that takes several hours. A specialist completely dismantles the movement, meticulously checks every part and repairs or replaces it, as required.

Service prices




Price indications are merely indicative and subject to change at any time. All prices include VAT.