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IWC Schaffhausen

The Journal

If You Know, You Know

If You Know, You Know
Read Time: 5 min

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Morgan Mesple in front of an IWC Logo at the IWC Manufakturzentrum in Schaffhausen

Morgan Mesple does not like to be pigeonholed. Many hearts beat in his chest, and they are all beautifully interwoven. The 30-year-old Swiss began modeling while in high school, which sparked his journey into various creative fields. Focusing on music, he transitioned into DJing and music production, establishing the talented DJ duo 2M ( with a focus on electronic music. Alongside this, he co-founded an event management firm, expanding his creative pursuits. Lately, he’s been venturing even further into the fashion world and just rebranded and released a new line for his new clothing label in Zurich called NOLOGO Studio. 


The Lausanne native could never choose just one career, he says, because they all complement each other. He takes in the world around him with all his senses. Perhaps it was while he was in school or working abroad in Berlin, Madrid, Paris, and Sydney. Or maybe it was while studying for his Master’s at the esteemed Hochschule Sankt Gallen (HSG) that he developed this wonderful blend of curiosity, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit.


The Journal had an engaging chat with IWC’s latest Swiss Brand Ambassador. 


Listen to Morgan's 2M-Playlist while reading the article.

Morgan Mesple wearing the Ingenieur Automatic 40 with black dial and stainless steel case and strap

Ingenieur Automatic 40


Ingenieur Automatic 40


Stainless steel case, Automatic winding. Black dial with luminescence, Stainless steel bracelet, Strap width 14.0 mm.

Made in Switzerland

— Morgan Mesple sporting the Ingenieur Automatic 40 Ref. IW328901

Mesple examining IWC watch cases rods at the IWC manufacture center

— The creative examining various rods to be manufactured into watch cases

CEO and Co-Founder of NOLOGO Studio, Morgan Mesple wearing a black leather jacket and IWC Ingenieur watch

— Morgan is CEO and Co-Founder of the premium streetwear brand,


Hello Morgan. You visited the IWC Manufakturzentrum this week. What did you think?

I was so impressed by the manufacture, how big it was, and how many people were involved. I love anything related to handwork, and we went into a lot of detail. I’m a big fan of architecture, so I found the building very impressive. I loved the main entrance with its 10-meter ceiling. We also walked around to shoot some content. The team dynamics made me feel like a friend. I think it was very organic and natural, and that means a lot to me.



Did anything specific leave a lasting impression on you?

Quite a few things, to be honest. First of all, learning about the history of the brand at the museum was very interesting. They display a lot of archived pieces, and it was great to see them in person. Growing up, my grandfather was very involved in the watch industry as a graphic designer. So, I am familiar with the business and could feel the energy of watchmaking.

When it comes to a specific moment, I was impressed by the movement assembly room. It was beautiful. We could watch people working up close and see how focused they were. It was a beautiful lesson for me because nowadays, everybody’s working on lots of different projects and is really distracted. Seeing them focus on one thing for a long time was inspiring.

 Morgan Mesple wearing a watchmaker’s coat while using a vintage machine to decorate a watch base plate

— Morgan Mesple decorating a sample plate during his IWC Manufacture Tour

Morgan Mesple selecting black and white images from a photo shoot

— Morgan Mesple wearing the Ingenieur Automatic 40 Ref. IW328901 with a black dial


Why did you choose to partner up with IWC?

First of all, it’s a family thing. As I mentioned, my granddad was a graphic designer for a couple of watch brands. So, I knew the brand well at a young age. I also think the founder [Florentine Ariosto Jones] is extremely inspiring. How he kept his feet on the ground and was willing to pursue his dream.


I think IWC has been doing a great job lately penetrating a less conventional market. They’re pushing the boundaries, not just blindly following trends. They like to work with individuals who are cool and disruptive. That is a quality that I appreciate, and it makes sense to me.


What made you choose the Ingenieur Automatic 40 Ref. IW328901?

The design. I’m very interested in metal, and I was looking for how light reflects on it. It embodies many of my esthetics, along with the materials and fabric that I use in my different ventures.

The watch’s simplicity is also extremely interesting. I think its cleanness is outstanding; it aligns with my vision. The black dial fits my energy very well. It’s not too in-your-face, which I like. It’s subtle. If you know, you know. 


Let’s talk about your professional background. You work on a variety of jobs and projects. At the end of the day, which one brings you the most joy?

Yeah, I get this question sometimes; I know it can be confusing. What brings me joy is the energy between these projects, the synergies, and how they move together. My achievements are in my three main pillars: music, fashion, and image. They move in tandem and are complementary. It’s one identity, not just different projects. It’s one roadmap, and we just go Vollgas [full throttle].



Where do you usually find your inspiration?

I find a lot of peace and quiet in traveling. When I’m alone, it’s my time. I can read and get inspired. I can catch up on what I didn’t have time to watch. No one is there telling me to do anything. That’s why I take the train whenever I can. Those are important moments for me.

The entrepreneur, model and music producer working in his music studio

— Morgan Mesple loves experimenting in his music, blending dancefloor bangers with futuristic sounds 


How did NOLOGO Studio come about?

We founded NOLOGO Studio three years ago because we were inspired by Zurich’s evolving scene. During my travels, I discovered minimalist, no-brand garments with specific cuts that you can discover abroad, but rarely in Switzerland. So, I decided to create them myself.


Our brand thrives on the delicate balance between minimalistic aesthetics and premium streetwear, enriched by elements inspired by Swiss culture. While we appreciate the current fashion culture, we are passionate about nurturing subcultures because we believe there is still room for diverse expressions. With this, we hope to make a genuine and heartfelt contribution to the fashion scene.


Recently, our brand launched a new collection showcasing an amazing team of young creatives. 

Mesple hanging up clothes in his Zurich-based NOLOGO Studio

— The Lausanne native in his Zurich-based NOLOGO Studio

Mesple sporting the Ingenieur Automatic 40 while hanging clothes in his pop up store

Ingenieur Automatic 40


Ingenieur Automatic 40


Stainless steel case, Automatic winding. Black dial with luminescence, Stainless steel bracelet, Strap width 14.0 mm.

Made in Switzerland

— The Ingenieur Automatic 40 IW328901 pays homage to Gerald Genta’s Ingenieur SL from the 1970s

Bird’s perspective of Morgan Mesple crossing the street wearing black pants and tank top

— Morgan Mesple made his name by exploring diverse creative avenues


You don’t come across as a typical Swiss. What do you think makes you Swiss?

Isn’t that itself typically Swiss? Swissness for me is difficult to describe because it’s an intersection of moments, languages, and cultures. And I love that.

I think what makes me Swiss is flexibility. We are one country with different cultures and languages. The Röstigraben [Term referring to the cultural and linguistic divide between the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland] is real. I’m from the French part and went to graduate school in Sankt Gallen. I see the cultural difference and how people act. I like being surrounded by different kinds of people.


What do you like best about Zurich?

It’s the perfect place to find myself. It’s not too big, not too small. I’m a people person, so I can get close to people and the community. But it’s also the tranquility. I can quickly escape to nature and get inspiration. There is room for ideas and a market with amazing potential. There are many people from both the corporate world and the creative scene. The ideas are here. The people are here. We just need to implement them and give them space. 

Morgan is a good sport. After the interview, he spontaneously answered 10 rapid-fire questions.


1. In front of the camera or behind the mixing desk?

Mixing desk.

2. Your favorite international dish?

I love paella.

3. And your favorite Swiss dish?

Cheese fondue. 100%.

Follow-up question: Which side of the Röstigraben?

You know the answer [laughs].

4. The best music to wake up to?

Birdsongs. I use bird chirps in a lot of songs I produce. And it is a peaceful way to wake up. Otherwise, I get the typical alarm sounds, and they’re terrible.

5. The best song to relax to in the evening?

I listen to a lot of ambient sound. There’s a composer called Traumprinz. His sound is very relaxing for me.

6. I think IWC is…

Innovative, technical, authentic.

7. A thing or fact about Switzerland that you wish more people knew.

I wish more people knew how many good creatives there are in Switzerland, and how much potential there is.

8. I would describe my Ingenieur Automatic 40 as…


9. I hope to someday get the opportunity to…

Feel that the contribution I’m trying to make through my projects will leave a mark on a certain subculture.

10. The best advice I’ve ever received.

Always, always follow your gut. If something feels wrong, don’t do it.

IWC Schaffhausen